June 8, 2012

Ain't gettin' no pug love

Oh my goodness, I love me some pugs. I turn into an absolute child when I see one, and I can't get enough. Shetland Sheepdog is Jeff's favorite breed and we have had two turns fostering shelties, it's now my turn.

Problem is, I just can't seem to get one.

Back in January I applied to be a foster for Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue. The home visit took 5 people to coordinate (that really should have been a red flag), and now months later I am an approved foster home that is just sitting by the way side. It's a crazy thing really, I stalk their facebook page like a mad person, respond to posts about an incoming pug needing foster instantaniously, and yet I am pugless. 6 months I have waited, now having contacted 9 of their volunteers, responded to more pug adds than I can keep track of, and no pug.

I applied to Pug Rescue of North Carolina a few months ago online and simply never heard back.

Finally, I've been in contact with Pugs U Gotta Save. They aren't very facebook active, but I have gotten a few tweets. I spoke to volunteers on the phone and in person, attended some of their community events, and all seemed great. It has been a month since I've applied. We are trying to make this happen, but I am losing hope.

So that's three strikes. I suppose it was just not meant to be, I'm just so very bummed about it. Thankfully, there's a guy that comes to the local dog park every so often, who has 5 pugs. I will just have to get my pug fix then.


I'm sure the right pug will come along :) It's hard to have patience, isn't it?

We will find you a pug :)

Yay! I love that my new all breed rescue takes requests!

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