June 6, 2012

The saddest dog

This is what happens when Relay goes to the dog park and no one comes by.


Awww, he looks so sad!

Nubbin wiggles,

Oh my, that is very sad :( Sorry Relay!!

oh:( that has happened to me before....where are all our furiends? surprise us too, because it was right at 5 pm and we thought everypawdy would be there...

Hopefully next time!

Poor Relay. Hopefully there will be more buddies for you to run around with next time!

Awe thanks, guys! It' just that face that kills me. We wen't back to the park later on in the day and were so successful. Poochies everywhere to play with. So, it was a happy ending.

awwwww! he's still super cute, though.

when we go to the park and no one's there, desmond likes to sniff every inch of everything. then we play fetch. :-)

LOL! Poor boy!

I have to laugh because we have a Shepherd friend named Roscoe who gets the saddest face when he can't find a friend. One time he was so desperate he looked at Jasper and tried to engage him. Jasper pretty much told him off. He won't play with boys. He likes the ladies. Goofball. Such a Cassanova.

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