June 25, 2012

Review your rescues

You can review your mechanic, your stylist, your realtor. But what about your rescue? Not only can you, but I encourage it!

There's only two ways this can go. Either you liked your rescue group (in which case you want to shout it loud for all the internet to read, which brings positive attention to your group) or you didn't like your rescue group (in which case you should let everyone know so that people avoid having the same kind of troubles).

Here is a list of websites that are perfect for getting your opinion out there.

The Top 4
Yelp: This is a great website that reviews just about everything and gets the best search results.

Guidestar: This site is amazing. From here you can not only review your organization, but you can also look up quite a bit of vital statistics for the group, such as tax records, not for profit status, etc.

Volunteer Match: This site helps people find specific volunteer job listings and needs from groups, but also allows for reviews of the groups as well. (A great way to solicit fosters!)

Dogster: This site is heavily trafficked by dog owners across the country, why not add your group to increase its exposure? The reviews here are the most user friendly.

And a few more:
Zootoo, Find the Best, Canine Chat

Please, make sure that your review are honest, and that criticism and praise are clear, constructive, and respectful. Bringing attention to your rescue groups not only helps them, but also the cause of homeless pets across the country, so get your volunteers to start typing!


I agree! As an adoption counselor at our Humane Society, I love to hear feedback from adopters.

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