May 22, 2012

Congratulations, Ruby!

It was an incredible and very busy weekend for everyone here. Jeff, Relay and I made appearances at as many dog events as we could fit in. Ruby got busy getting her sweet face noticed at two all day events and of course we are not surprised one bit that she was adopted.

We knew that Ruby was just too sweet and gentle not to be snatched up, but this girl is breaking records for how quickly she found a home. Making her first public appearance at the Norfolk SPCA Dog Walk held over in ODU, Ruby and another lovely sheltie looking for a home named Sobe grabbed a lot of attention. They also managed to grab quite a few snacks from admirers, so it was a very happy day for our girl.

Sunday, Ruby was off to the big Bow Wow picnic, put on by Collie and Sheltie Rescue of Southeast Virginia for all their friends, volunteers, prior adopters, and lovers of theses great looking dogs. The turn out was tremendous, and Jeff and I were very sorry to have missed it (they really could have used an extra mutt running around to shake things up.) Ruby found her perfect match from the family of a prior adopter who had brought their daughter to the picnic. She just fell in love, and judging from the picture of Ruby in her lap I am willing to bet that she's just fine with the arrangement. 

We haven't met her future owners yet, but have absolutely no doubt that she found the best home. In the less than two weeks we've had Ruby she has made quite an impression on us, and has come a long way with her nervousness. She has not had an accident in about a week, she is learning to sit on command (treat required), and she is starting to approach people with a greater ease. Ruby just needs to have a loving and supportive family to take her the rest of the way. 


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