May 10, 2012

(Irrationally) scared out of my mind

Our friends at Norfolk Animal Care Center are getting in the spring kittens. I'm team Poochie all the way, but I thought why not lend a temporary hand. Fostering kittens is a small time commitment (until they are adoptable at around 7 weeks), and how much trouble can a little fur be?

That's what I told myself anyway. That is until I got a call to say that there was a little girl named Pink that needed a place to stay. Panic set in. Seriously, I drove over freaked out, picked up Pink (still freaked out), drove home so spastic I got lost.

I set her up in our bathroom for the time being. That such a little thing can turn me into such a child is beyond reason, but there it is. So, here for your enjoyment is a few shots of Pink checking things out.


Aww! Hang in there; your fear is of the great unknown, but kittens are nothing but joy on four paws. I predict she'll have you chilled in no time. Congrats and thanks for helping!

Btw, I'm taking a foster training course at the Richmond SPCA on May 23, after which, I might have a kitten in the bathroom, too. :)

Good for you! (kinda jealous about the training course, as I'm wishing my kitten came with a manual.) Pink must realize that I'm on a learning curve, and she's being great.

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