May 15, 2012

Getting to know Miss Ruby

As little Miss continues to recover from her surgery and gets to know the lay of the land here at Relay's house, we are starting to learn more about her personality.

Ruby is very sweet and wants to become a part of the family, but even after a few days is still too unsure to settle in. She will pace around and around, circling closer and closer, trying to get some petting and attention, but will back off when you put our your hand. Day by day she is getting better, and I hope to have her settled by the time she can get her stitches out. Conversely, if you just pick her up and set her on your lap, or beside you on the couch, she is all contentment and a sweet cuddle dream.

Walking Ruby is bit rough to start, as she freezes up when the leash gets on her, but once you get going she is incredible. She just walks so nicely right beside or behind you, a slow and steady pace, but never pulling. Once we can get the into the habit of walking more regularly, I'm sure she will warm up to the sight of the leash quickly.

She is doing really well with Relay. They peacefully coexist, but she like to check out what he's up to every so often. When she is feeling a little spry she will chase him around the back yard and the two of them have a ball. With cats, my foster coordinator says that she does well, but here in the house with Pink, our foster kitten, she is very distrusting. If Pink makes a run for one couch or another Ruby yaps almost to say, "I'm watching you."

When we took in Ruby, we were told that she was not potty trained, but so far only one accident here. Right now we are just giving her plenty of access outside and keeping her in the two front rooms when we are home or and crated if we ever need to go out. Next week I will start to work with reward based training and try and teach her the verbal command for potty. She is food motivated so that should help.

But all in all, a healthy, happy dog. Ruby is just so sweet and pretty, she is generally making it all easy on us. Shelties are just a little sensitive, and each rescue has its own particular needs and issues to work through. I have no doubts that this girl will be the perfect pet for some lucky family soon.


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