May 29, 2012

Sponsoring a shelter pet: The story of Tanisha

It began with a phone call.

Pets for Patriots wanted to know if I knew of any dog trainers in the area for a member patriot who has contemplating giving up their honorable adoption. I let them know that I would look into it, but as the person was local, maybe I could try and help in the mean time. Most dogs are good and want to be loved and make their families happy. In my experience most behavior problems stem from boredom or not understanding what it is expected of them.

I called the family hoping to help. The dog, a six year old chow shepherd mix re-named Sadie, had only been in the home a few months, but was chewing up the children's toys. I asked a few questions, gave a little training advice, but found out that they didn't walk, socialize, or exercise their 60 pound dog. I offered to set up some play dates with our pup to see if expending some of Sadie's energy and working on the redirection and training techniques at home would help out the boredom induced chewing. Instead they turned the dog back into the local animal control.

I was so frustrated and very sad for this poochie. I know it is better for her to have a chance at a home that wants her than in a home that doesn't, but it was this girl's second time around at Norfolk Animal Care Center, through no fault of her own. It was bothering me, so I had to go see "Sadie" myself. On my way to volunteer for the Pet Pantry I stopped by the adoption floor to see her.  She was now back to her original adoption name of Tanisha and she was so sweet. I left to start my shift helping give out pet food and litter and kept thinking about her. I went back to the adoption floor.

NACC is a wonderful place with a great staff, so I was sure that Tanisha would be treated well. But now I had an itch to help. Initially, I thought to simply take her to the yard to play. That led to pictures and a thought to post on the blog as well. Finally, I just paid her adoption fee and sponsored her. At the counter there was a slight mix up with the fees, and in lieu of getting a refund, I just sponsored a older beagle named Stan Laurel, as well. (You know I love beagles).

I can't adopt, but I can help get them adopted. So, if you're looking for a great girl who is kid friendly, ready to romp, and has the most gentle disposition, give Tanisha a look. If you want a nose to the ground, kind and wise hound who loves some rubs, Stan Laurel is your man. These are two great dogs needing some great homes with the added incentive that they don't cost you a thing to pick up, as long as you promise to love them the rest of their lives.


You are very right about Tanisha. I'm glad she was at the pound because I adopted her yesterday. Her new name is Cricket and she is an AWESOME dog. She came to work with me this morning and learned the ropes in no time. She is very smart! She comes home with me at night and is just as good at the house. Thought you might like to know that she is loved.

Oh my goodness, Yay!!!!!! Thank you so much for adopting her, for giving her a terrific home, and a big hug and sloppy kiss from Relay for personally letting us know Cricket has found her happily ever after. You are always welcome at Casa de Relay. Wishing you all the happiness in the world, a very grateful family in Norfolk.

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